Regular Sunday Schedule:

Bible Study
Sunday School
Worship Service

Summer Schedule: Worship only at 9:30am followed by Fellowship at 10:30am.

Children begin Sunday School by first attending worship with family.

Sunday worship services are broadcast on Glen Ridge Local Access television, Channel 36 on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesday mornings at 10:30am.
Children and Youth
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What happens on Sunday mornings?

2. Why do people attend this church?

3. What is a congregational church?

4. Does the Glen Ridge Congregational Church
     belong to a denomination?

5. Are children welcome in church? ~ Absolutely!

6. What programs are available for children?

7. How do people dress when attending church?

8. What is the music program like at this church?

9. Are worship services broadcasted on television?

10. What are the ways one gives to the church today?

11. What if I want to get married in this church?
12. May I take communion if I'm not a member?

13. If I want my child baptized, what is the procedure?

14. How can I find out about and/or volunteer to help out
       with the church’s outreach projects?

15. What does the church believe about God?

16. Why church? What makes the relationship to God
       and this church special?

17. Where is the church building located?

18. What does it mean to be a member of the Glen Ridge
       Congregational Church? How do I become a member of
       the Glen Ridge Congregational Church?

19. How do I plan a funeral or memorial service at the

20. How do I get answers for my other questions?

21. What about people with special needs?